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    It started innocently enough. Ben Smith and Dixon Kenner, in the fall of 2014 were sipping Bunnywhatsit (Bunnabhain), a lovely single malt, after a day of working on or respective eighty inch Land-Rovers began to discuss which ones might be where. There was reference to a much older conversation between Ted Rose and I (yes, of TRSS (Ted Rose Sighting Society) fame) where we quickly counted eighteen in the Ottawa region about fifteen years ago. This led to an idea, and the next thing you know, Ben had a spreadsheet in action. Time passes, and Keith Barrett of Brockville was introduced into the fray. Keith, it seems, had been tracking series ones in an informal manner for a number of years and had accumulated a raft of eclectic information. The spreadsheet grew.

    Eventually, as all things do, this conversation took on a life of its own. With the departure of the BGB (Dixon's Series II 109" SW), the resurrection of Grail (Ben's 1951 80"), the on-going restoration of Dixon's 1952 80", and Keith working on his fleet of Series Is, discussion turned, over a fine bottle of Ardbeg, another fine single malt, to starting a North American register for Series Ones. Unlike larger and more formal clubs, such as OVLR, it would be less formal, leverage the events of more formal clubs and societies, and may eventually publish a sporadic newsletter.

    And thus began the quest of Keith, Ben and Dixon, to seek out and find all of the Series I Land-Rovers hiding in Canada or the the United States. Some will be runing. Some will be derelict. Some under restoration. Some scrapped.
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