What is a Series I?
80" in North America
Progress Reports

    NASOR is a group of Series I Land-Rover enthusiasts in Canada and the U.S. who are dedicated to finding all Series Is that remain in those countrys and mapping them back either to original imports or to subsequent imports.

    For every truck (or rumor of a truck) we are looking or certain information:
    • Year
    • Color
    • Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive
    • Name of current owner
    • Town and State or Providence of current owner
    • When the current owner bought the truck, who was the seller and in which town and State or Providence that the seller lived
    • The seller name, date of sale, and location of sale for any prior purchases
    • The chassis number
    • Photos of the truck
    • Engine number
    • Any intersting stories about the truck

    If you have found a Series I that you don't thing that we have found, please send us an email, we are happy to receive news or confirm a known truck.

    If you have a Series I for sale, please send us an email. Likely we know an enthusiast near you that would be interested in your truck.

    We do not want to see any more Series Is scrapped.

Last updated 24 Sep 2023
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